Marijuana could cure a variety of cancer, especially brain cancer

Marijuana has been used since 2700 years ago and has been widely used as medicine in the 80′s, but it is now banned as controlled substance. Day by day study start to show that this plant is actually good, it doesn’t cause significant addiction (it is treated the same as alcohol and coffee addiction), and you can’t get overdose from it. The only true bad side effect from this is that it makes you non-ambitious, living in the present and doesn’t worry about the future.

How can it cure cancer? Basically marijuana contain cannabinoid, a compound that is unique and only can be found in marijuana. Strangely, our body contain cannabinoid receptor (CB1 and CB2), that are spread all over our body. When they meet, certain things start to happen. For example, when CB1 in the liver activated it will start lipogenesis (start storing energy), when it meet CB1 in your brain it start to make you hungry and high. When CB2 receptor is activated it will affect the immune system and relieve pain. And some times it will affect your cancer cell, inhibiting their growth or even killing it.

There are lots of cannabinoid substance in marijuana which are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA), Tetrahydrocannabivarin(THCV), Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol(CBG), Cannabinol (CBN). All of them can affect cancer cell in certain way, but THC the dominant substance found, is the most heavily studied.

It has been studied a lot of times and its anti-tumor effect is indisputable. The first human study about how THC affecting brain cancer was released in British Journal of Cancer in 2006 with the result: the brain tumor cell become smaller.

Still not convinced? Are there any other real scientific studies that show marijuana can affect cancer? Apparently there is a ton of them… Go crazy… (Copy and paste the link to your browser)

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low doses of cannabinoids may enhance spread of cancer, where as high doses of cannabinoids usually slow or stop cancer cell growth or even kill the cancer cell ( - upd: about this one Rick Simpson himself told me that the former claim is false. upd2: but I would read into these texts beginning with this one, before you dare to experiment on yourself or your loved ones. theory before practice, please)
And those are just some of the studies not all, it is estimated that there are over 22,000 studies world wide regarding marijuana as cancer cure.

Breast cancer cells killed by CBD on right compared to untreated breast cancer cells on left. via
Why marijuana is best for brain cancer than others? Because of the blood brain wall, There is no substance that can go into the brain where the brain cancer lies. Meanwhile cannabinoid work by activating receptor that spread in our body, and receptor CB1 is found plenty in the brain.

Was there any living proof that marijuana cure cancer?

In 2011 there is a story of a two year old boy with brain cancer that are secretly being fed with cannabis oil by his father. The boy is cured, however sceptic people say that it was because of the chemo and cannabis only help the boy endure it.

The problem with this alternative treatment is that marijuana is an illegal substance in every country, you won’t be able to “hey, let’s give this a shot.” You might get a bit of marijuana if you try hard, but as study number 60 said small amount of cannabinoid only enhance the spread of cancer. To slow or kill cancer you need a lot of cannabinoid.

There are plenty of people and website that are selling cannabis oil, but be careful as most of them are scam and fake. There is no guarantee that what you buy contain cannabinoid.

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immortality recipe

Why ain't we all running for cure against getting old and die?! We kill ourselves everyday by not watching for it, several times a day, by hitting our body in corners, by being exposed to sun, dust, microbia, all the unrest there is. Even tight socks may be harmful. Even keeping the urine when it wants out. So we need to eliminate those factors. Our body rebuilds itself, yes, but the fact that we die in about 100 years tells us that it doesn't support our way of life good enough. It can replace gone cells only by splitting other cells, but there's Hayflick limit - human cell normally splits only 52 times (telomeres are ends of our chromosomes, when biomachinery connects to them to make a copy of what goes down the line, the new chromosome is that very piece shorter. if we don't need them to split, may be that would be all we have to do to get biological immortality is to not kill our cells and to support the rest.
To achieve biological immortality we should bring ourselves in a perfect state. We was staying alive when we were way more fragile in the embryonic conditions. So let's start right there. Some japanese made rubber womb of men-size and people who was in it told they had incredible pleasure and security. Another(?) japanese researcher succeeded in keeping a goat embryo in artificial embrionic conditions untill it was born into this filthy world (that's 2months I guess) It's 2010's. In 1980's they could only keep them prenatal animals alive for a week which was not enough.

So it's many layers of this decission:
first we put ourselves in spheric baths (ph should be regulated, temperature should be regulated, air and water supply should be regulated:
we regulate ph by piss and pure water (if somehow there would be not enough of salt or other components - we should add those too) and constant control of salt in the water.
then we attempt to grow ourselves placentas (cloning ourself a clone instead of children and making the clone's placenta split on early stages would require machine to replace the missing flow. so it's better to print it as they print ears today. of our cells colony, just put stem-cells in the form of placenta & give them the field (or enzymes) that would make them specialize into placenta. then we have to sew the placenta in the umbilic tubes if they are still present inside our bellies (or we make them anew) and then we have a machine that oozes blood of propper quality, machines are to be behind all that to construct and control the blood flow to placenta and placenta also gives some blood back in the split between placenta and the "womb" - it all looks pretty much like matrix movie, which might end in 33 minutes when neo wakes up and sees his friends tripping in this studio. Then hollywood comes and change in music announces it. It's more like combination of matrix and surrogates, we're not out of this world if we don't want to. only this time we send machines to work instead of us. and most of the time we're not even gonna be there, we just tune into them if we have to give them a task or if they call us because they're having a problem. our autonomous houses would be multilevel shells protected from anything possible (or should I say known to man to that moment) so our biological immortality would be approaching the absolute one.

Or maybe those kids working with telomerase would succeed (upd: they did) but they might need to remove ribs and skull to let the flesh grow the way it likes. And they would still need those bathes because mere statistics shows hell is round the corner, so even if we die at least don't let us rot, it might be painful.